Chronology of LGBT historical events:

  • 1884 - Congress enacts a statute giving Alaska all the laws of Oregon. This includes a sodomy law that gives a sentence of five years imprisonment. Before this time, while under the United States and previously under Russia, Alaska had no criminal code at all.
  • 1980 - State sodomy laws are repealed.
  • 1998 - Feb 28th - Superior Court Judge Peter Michalski ruled that unless the state can prove it has a compelling reason to deny gay couples the right to marry, Alaska's band on same-sex marriages should be abandoned as unconstitutional.
  • 1998 - Nov 3rd - voters in Alaska by a 2-to-1 majority endorsed Ballot Measure 2, amending the state constitution to ban the recognition of same sex marriage.
  • 2001 - Jan 31st - Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashes. Among the passengers killed are couple William Knudson and Brad Long of Sacramento, couple Craig and Paul Pulanco and transexual Toni Choate of San Francisco.
  • 2001 - July 29th - David Blare, aka Steve Perry, age 35, is killed in Ketchikan.
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