Angelo Paris

Angelo George Paris was born Sept 6, 1900 either in Vermont, in Walpole, New Hampshire or Jersey City, New Jersey to Angelo Paris Sr and Elizabeth Bashaw. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison (the longest sentence of all of those listed here) for sodomy on Jan 8, 1931 with a parole date of Feb 12, 1934, which was denied. His minimum sentence date was April 13, 1937 and his maximum date was Oct 12, 1940. He had 88 days of good conduct credits forfeited during his time in the military but 35 days were restored on Dec 21, 1936. Angelo's page in the warden's notebook is the only one that states the reason for transfer as well as other highly detailed information:

Reason for Transfer: Subject is a military prisoner serving 10 years for sodomy and was transferred here from the Army June 19, 1934. He is a moron and may not have wit enough to go straight but his confinement at Alcatraz will do a lot to constrain him. Former Institution Rule Violations: The report from Disciplinary Barracks rated him as "poor" showing reports for disobedience of orders , disorderly conduct, and forfeiture of eighty-eight days good time. (Was in solitary confinement on various occasions)

Criminal History:
2-6-22 — Arrested by PD Jersey City, N.J. Chg: Carnal abuse; no other data;
3-10-22 — Arrested by PD Jersey City, N.J. Chg: Assault;
Sentence: 1 year in County Jail; no other data;
10-28-26 — Arrested by PD Jersey City, N.J. Chg: Sodomy;
Found guilty of indecent assault; Sentence: -
1 year in County Jail; no other data;

Medical Exam: Syphilis secondary, Physically able for manual labor;
Neuro-Psych:- dull appearing man of low intelligence, lacking in ethical and moral sense; He is a married man of the Protestant religion and has a sixth grade education; Since early manhood he has been in conflict with the law because of his abnormal sexual traits; Is not especially interested in future; He had shifting occupational adjustment working as farm hand, clerk, timekeeper, trucker, etc.

Angelo was discharged April 13, 1937 with transportation furnished to Trenton, N.J. There are several men named Angelo Paris that lived in the United States between 1900 and 1940 however the vast majority of them are clearly not our Angelo Paris. There is however one possible match. On April 5, 1924 a man named Angelo George Paris (the same full name as ours) married a Miss Evelyn Ethel Wright (1909-1997) in Bellows Falls, Windham, Vermont. The couple had at least two possible children - Clayton in 1924 and Chester in 1926. At first glance it seems that the only matching information here is the name and approximate age. The fact that this family lived in Vermont, was a primary reason to assume that he was not the same individual. However, records of a genealogist studying Evelyn Wright notes that Angelo married a 2nd time (date not given) and had a daughter named Dorothy who was born in Jersey City, NJ. At the moment we do not know her birth date but her son is noted as having been born in 1939 giving an approx birth date for her of 1920 when Angelo was 10 years old. We have not yet confirmed this information, however it does make the possibility that these two men, both named Angelo George Paris, both approx the same age, both living in Jersey City, NJ in the 1920's - are one and the same.

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