People v. Walter Bennett, Appeal: Sur-rebuttal of Walter Bennett

People v. Walter Bennett, appeal

WALTER A. BENNETT, the defendant, being recalled by his counsel, testified as follows:

Direct examination by Mr. Greenthal:

Mr. Greenthal: Mr. Bennett, were you in the City of New York in the months of November and December and January?

The Court: Were you? That is the question?

Bennett: No, sir.

Mr. Greenthal: Well, where were you in the month of December, 1902?

Bennett: Well, I have been in so many towns and cities that I can't remember, but I have my book here to show where I stopped, in every hotel.

Mr. Greenthal: And were you in New York in the month of December, 1902?

Bennett: No, sir.

Mr. Greenthal: When did your mother die, Mr. Bennett?

Mr. Ely: Objected to.

The Court: Objection sustained.

Mr. Greenthal: Where were you in the month of November, 1902?

Bennett: Well, I will tell you, as near as I can, the different dates. I have been travelling all the month. On the first day of November, 1902, I was playing in Goshen, Indiana. I had sent my mother a telegram that morning.

Mr. Ely: Objected to. I object to the history of his life.

Bennett: (Answer continued) I left there that night, after the performance, for Chicago, and was in Chicago on the 1st day of November.

Cross-examination none.

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