People v. Walter Bennett, Appeal: Testimony Walter E. Bentley

People v. Walter Bennett, appeal

WALTER E. BENTLEY, a witness called on behalf of the defense, being duly sworn, testified as follows:

Direct-examination by Mr. Greenthal:

Walter E. Bentley: I am connected with the Church of the Resurrection. I have known Mr. Bennett nearly four years. I know other men and women who know Mr. Bennett. Quite a number; friends of mine. I know what his reputation for decency and respectability is. Always excellent. It is good.

Cross-examination by Mr. Ely:

Mr. Ely: Have you ever heard his reputation discussed?

Walter E. Bentley: Yes, sir, I have heard talks, but not in any way reflecting upon his character.

Mr. Ely: No. I ask you if you have ever heard his reputation discussed.

Walter E. Bentley: No; I have not.

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