People v. Walter Bennett, Appeal: Sur-rebuttal of Florence Clark

People v. Walter Bennett, appeal

FLORENCE CLARK, a witness called on behalf of the defense, being duly sworn, testified as follows:

Direct-examination by Mr. Greenthal:

Florence Clark: I know the defendant, Bennett, yes, sir, I do.

Mr. Greenthal: Can you state where Mr. Bennett was in the month of December, 1902?

Mr. Ely: I object to that.

Mr. Greenthal: If you know?

Florence Clark: I think that he was in Chicago, at that time. I had letters from him there.

Mr. Ely: I object to that and move to strike it out.

The Court: Strike it out.

Mr. Greenthal: Did you receive any communication from him from Chicago, at about that time?

Florence Clark: I did.

Mr. Ely: That is objected to and I move to strike it out.

Mr. Greenthal: Let me put my question, first.

The Court: Well, you know that it is an improper question. Why do you put it? Strike out the answer.

Cross-examination none.

Mr. Greenthal: That is the defendant's case.

The Court: Is that the case on both sides?

Mr. Ely: Yes, sir.

Mr. Greenthal: Yes, sir.

The Court: Then go to the jury.

Mr. Greenthal summed up for defense
Mr. Ely summed up for prosecution.

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