People v. Walter Bennett, Appeal: Sur-rebuttal of George Caldwell, alias George Galbert

People v. Walter Bennett, appeal

GEORGE GALBERT, being recalled by counsel for the defendant, testified as follows:

Direct-examination by Mr. Greenthal:

Mr. Greenthal: Mr. Galbert, it has been testified to here, by Mr. Connoly and Mr. O'Keefe, that you were a constant visitor at the Ariston Baths; is that true or false.

George Caldwell: False.

The Court: Now, he has already testified that he was never there before. What is the use of bringing the witness backward and forward? He does not add anything to what his previous testimony was.

Mr. Greenthal: Do you know Connolly?

George Caldwell: No, sir.

Mr. Greenthal: Or a man named O'Keefe?

George Caldwell: No, sir

Cross-examination by Mr. Ely:

Mr. Ely: You never had any trouble with any of the rubbers at the Ariston Baths, did you?

George Caldwell: Never

The Court: Any further testimony?

Mr. Greenthal: Yes, sir.

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