People v. Walter Bennett, Appeal: Testimony of Katie Dunn

People v. Walter Bennett, appeal

KATIE DUNN, a witness called on behalf of the defense, being duly sworn, testified as follows:

Direct-examination by Mr. Greenthal:

Katie Dunn: I remember where I was on the 21st day of February, 1903. I was at my sister's house. She lived at that time at 307 West 28th street. I guess I got there about half past nine. When I arrived I saw my two sisters and Walter Bennett and Delia Egan. Mr. Bennett left the house about 25 minutes past ten. I got up to look at the clock, to go home, right after he went out of the door. I do not know what time Miss Egan left the house because she went out to the market with my sister, and I went home.

Cross-examination by Mr. Ely:

Katie Dunn: I didn't go home with Egan because I didn't live with Egan. I didn't go home with Egan. I live at 32 West 38th street. I went home alone. Miss Egan didn't go home with me at all.

Mr Ely: That is all

My Greenthal: One minute

The Court: No. Call your next witness.

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