LGBTT Rights Platform of Turkey (Press Release) - May 26, 2009

Dear All,

As you were informed before, one of our trans friends Cagla, was stabbed to death on 22 May 2009 in her house, in Ankara. Discrimination and hate crimes against LGBT individuals are commonplace in Turkey and unless necessary de facto and legal measures are taken, human rights violations against LGBTs will not stop.

The murder of Cagla was the proof of this fact. We will not stop our struggle and will put pressure on state officials to make them stop homophobic and transphobic attitudes in their policies.

Our human rights call after the last transphobic hate murders, especially after Cagla’s death, paved the way for civil society to take side with us against perpetrators and the ignorance of state. On 23 May 2009, at 19.00 p.m., LGBTT Rights Platform and several supporters from different NGOs gathered in front of Cagla’s house to protest homophobic and transphobic violence with a press statement.

“What do the authorities wait for to act? How many of us should also be murdered? Whose government is this? Whose parliament is this? The murderers are not those just who hold the knives or guns. The murderer is the system which prevent LGBTTs to have their basic rights and freedoms.

Those authorities, who do not act to solve these problems and who ignores them are also the murderers!” said the statement. LGBTT Rights Platform and ally civil society NGOs and groups also conducted a press statement in Ýstanbul, on 26 May 2009. “Stop hate speech! Get used to it, transvestites and transexuals are here! Down with your morals that encourages hate and murders in the laws and our daily lives!” said the statement.

Every Thursday, at 19.00 p.m., we will continue to gather in front of Human Rights Advisory Board of Prime Ministry in Ankara to protest homophobic and transphobic violence.

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