Chronology of LGBT historical events:

  • 1635 - Michael Wigglesworth moves to New Haven at the age of seven from England. He would later be one of the leading men of the colonies. His entire life he would fight against his homosexuality while living in a strict Puritan life.
  • 1646 - William Plaine is executed for sodomy in New Haven.
  • 1655 - John Knight, a servant, is executed for sodomy in New Haven.
  • 1655 - New Haven Colony expands sodomy to sexual acts between women.
  • 1677 - May - Apprentices Daniel Sexston, John Moses and Nathaniel Pond claim Nicholas Session attempted sodomy with them. Nicholas claims they are slanderous. Several witnesses including Joseph Phelps of Windsor testify to sodomy attempts. Nicholas if found guilty but does not receive a prison sentence. Court charges 300 pounds and releases Nicholas Session on his own recognizance.
  • 1798 - Jan 7 - Daniel Howard is born in Tolland to Asa Howard and Mary Stelle Howard. In 1816 he was sentenced in New York to life imprisonment for sodomy and died at New York State Prison July 28, 1819.
  • 1835 - Feb 25 - Jonathan Strickland, a transient, is sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomy at New Haven Court in Wethersfield.
  • 1855 - Jan 1 - Timothy Donahue, a transient, is sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomy at New Haven Court in Wethersfield.
  • 1856 - Sept 9 - Albert Northrop, a resident of Milford, is sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomy at New Haven Court in Wethersfield.
  • 1886 - April 13 - Edward Brown is sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomy at the New Haven Court in Wethersfield.
  • 1915 - Amherst College, in 1956 an alumnist named Gardner Jackson writes about his time at Amherst 40 years earlier. His memories included various advances toward him of a homosexual nature from other students and some faculty. The students he described as two "top fellows in the English department" but the majority of his writing went to faculty member Stark Young. Young would invite Jackson and his friend Andrew "Andy" R. Morehouse to his home where he would read them French poetry that detailed erotic homosexual relationships. Jackson continued to mention that he was a Shakespeare student of Robert Frost, the poet, the following year and he had several conversations with Frost regarding other faculty members including Young. Jacksons observations of Frost regarding other faculty members including Young. Jacksons observations of Frost on the subject is as follows:

He loathed him even too much. It was so much that it seemed to me to indicate an envy or a wishing that he might have some of the qualities or interests that Stark Young had. He seemed to me almost obsessed with a preoccupation to paw over Stark Young's eroticism and interest in erotic literature

It was later noted from Frosts biographer Lawrence Thompson that Frost went to Amherst President Meiklejohn to have Young fired. However Miiklejohn thought Young was too fine a teacher to fire simply because of his homoerotic proclivities.

  • 1927 - Mae West writes the play "The Drag", which debuts in Connecticut
  • 1941 - Dr. Samuel L. Liebman finishes his notes in 1944 regarding a man he observed at Norwich State (mental) Hospital. the 23 year old "colored" man of Native and Cuban decent entered the hospital on November 15, 1941. He is described as:

His hair was oiled and covered with a hairnet, incorporated in which were two carnations and a number of beads as a corsage placed over his forehead. His eyebrows were tweezed and arched. He had mascara on his eyelids. His cheeks and lips were roughed and there was powder on his face. His finger nails were manicured and lacquered. He wore bracelets on his wrists, rings on his fingers, beads and a crucifix about his neck. He was garbed as follows: male sports clothing under which was a blue silk blouse and as part of his undergarments, he wore a womans silk chemise and shirt.

Three months before his admittance he had been arrested (Aug. 18) in a brawl in Hartford with a "white man of poor character". A week after (Nov. 23) his admittance he became violent and was taken away but was able to return on December 2. At this time he was given a spinal puncture at which point he became more spontaneous. He would walk around the ward singing hymns and ordering personell to provide him with gowns and furs from local department stores. One mother after his admittance (Dec. 19) he was placed on electro-shock therapy and received 8 treatments. On December 30th he stated that he didn't know why he had acted so much like a woman, but it then seemed rediculous to behave in such a manner. However he also stated "I know I'm a homosexual. Some of the best people in Hartford are."

  • 1988 - May 15 - Richard Reihl is bludgeoned to death in Hartford.
  • 1993 - Jan 26 - Christiana D'Arcy, strangled in Hartford.
  • 1993 - Dec 10 - James Maile, 25, bludgeoned to death.
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