David Bullock

The exact nature of David Bullock's sexuality is unclear but he seems to have been at least bi-sexual or, more likely, struggling with his homosexuality. He was born November 13, 1960 in New York City and had a history of trouble with the law when he was still an adolescent. They were common charges for a kid in New York in the 70s - criminal mischief and petty larceny. In July of 1977 he plead guilty in Manhattan to grand larceny and was committed to a home for delinquent youths. He was released in November, but over the next three years his criminal life escalated slowly - eventually making his way as a prostitute. He worked the streets of New York as a male prostitute and murdered at least six people, the last three of which seem to have been clients.

His first known victim was on December 4, 1981. He stopped a car driving through Central Park under an unknown false pretense and lead the gentlemen to a remote part of the park for the crime. We do not know the motive. He later suffocated and shot Edwina Atkins, with whom he claims to have had sex and confessed his first murder before killing her when she laughed at him. After this he began a spree of victims that seem to have picked him up as a prostitute. Unlike the first two victims, the next three were found in their apartments or offices. The last Bullock's roommate.

Bullock was charged with six counts of murder on January 15. He told detectives that he had tried to shoot four more, but might have missed. He had no details to give, no bodies or complaints, so no additional charges were filed. Bullock plead guilty to all six counts on October 26, 1982. He gave his motive as "it was fun".

His Victims:

  • James Weber - an actor age 42, he was shot in Central Park on December 4, 1981. Unlike the other male victims, it seems that Mr. Weber was not a client. James Weber had been driving through Central Park, after leaving the theater, and was stopped by David Bullock under an unknown false pretense. We believe this because his car was later found with the door open, keys in the ignition and lights still on (this information has been provided by a family member). Surely he would not have done this for any reason other than an emergency. Bullock would later admit that he did not know Mr. Weber.
  • Edwina Atkins - a female prostitute that he picked up on Dec 13. He confessed to her, and then killed her when she laughed at him.
  • Stephen Glen Hassell - a businessman age 29, he was shot after picking up Bullock on December 15, 1981.
  • Michael Winley - Bullock's roommate, he was shot on December 23 and dumped into the Harlem River.
  • Heriberto Morales - age 50, he was shot when he picked up Bullock on Christmas Day, 1981.
  • Eric Michael Fuller - age 28, Bullock killed him with a shotgun at Mount Morris Park on Jan 4, 82. This may have been David's only straight victim, because the motive was robbery rather than sex. He was Bullock's last victim.


Newspaper Articles:

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) - January 16, 1982

Accused murderer said to be homosexual prostitute
By BETSY KENEDY, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - A man charged with killing six people in the last six weeks in Manhattan is a "sick, amoral" homosexual prostitute ready to kill anyone who might identify him, a prosecutor said. Assistant District Attorney Eliot Jacobson gave the description at an early morning arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court for David Bullock, 21, on six counts of second degree murder.

Bullock was arrested Thursday following an investigation by a special detective task force into the apparently related slayings of six people between Dec. 5 and Jan. 4. Among those killed in different parts of the city were an opera performer, an investment adviser and the suspect's roommate. Lt. Thomas Power, head of the task force said the common elements included the "closeness in time sequence. the manner in which the people met their demise … and the fact that several of the victims were homosexuals."

Five of the victims had been shot in the head, four of them with a .38-caliber handgun." Power said. Two were killed in the park and two in their apartments, which were set afire after the killings. Police said the victims' money and credit cards were stolen. Jacobson said Bullock had admitted to all six killings and to four additional shootings.

Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said Bullock apparently had no income source other than prostitution. Arguing before Judge Harry Davis that Bullock should be held without bail, Jacobson said Bullock was "sick, amoral" and would kill any witnesses to his acts if released. Bullock was ordered to Rikers Island prison until a Jan. 20 court date, Ms. Thompson said.

During the arraignment, Jacobson characterized the deaths as "sadistic," all unprovoked and motivated by fear that the victims might reveal previous murders or identify Bullock as a robber. In four killings, he said, Bullock woke his victims to watch their expressions as he shot them in the head. When arrested early Thursday at his apartment in his east Harlem apartment. Jacobson said, Bullock had a loaded, 12-gauge, sawed-off shotgun used on his most recent victim.

Authorities said Bullock is charged with the following slayings:

- Eric Michael Fuller, 28, of Manhattan, killed Jan. 4 during a robbery attempt in Mount Morris Park.

- James Weber, 42, an actor with the Light Opera of Manhattan, found shot Dec. 5 in Central Park with a wound in the right temple and his trousers pulled down around his knees

- Edwina Atkins, 23, of upper Manhattan, a friend of Bullock's, found shot Dec. 13 in her Broadway apartment, which had been set ablaze.

- Stephen Glenn Hassell, 29, a partner in the investment firm of Hassell and Levi Co., found shot in the left temple in his lower Manhattan office-apartment over looking the East River.

- Heriberto Morals, 50, Manhattan, killed Dec. 22 with a single wound in the right temple.

- Michael Winley or Michael Williams, 28, show body was believed dumped in the Harlem River Dec. 23 after being shot at the apartment he shared with Bullock. Police said the body had not been found.

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