Franentna and Salinger

Idaho Statesman (Boise City, Idaho) - March 4, 1891

Double Suicide

"Cincinnati, Ohio, March 4 - L. Franentna? of St. Louis, and Ernest Salinger of Philadelphia, two students at the Hebrew Union college in this city, were found died in their room this morning. The young men took their own lives, according to a preconcerted arrangement. It is asserted by fellow students that the young men must have been demented on the subject of hypnotism. Salinger for a long time has been a firm believer in it. Franentna fimly scoffed at it, but [?at?erly] Salinger had won him over and seemed to have complete control over him. For some time past Franentna has been falling off mentally and physically, and frequently complained of pains in his head. they left a joint note asking that their families be notified, but [vouc?sa?ing] no explanation. Salinger was still alive when found and said before expiring they had agreed to die together. His diary had an entry, saying he was going to end his never ceasing pain.

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