Frederick Hulme

Frederick Lasalle Hulme was born April 30, 1899 in Rochester, New York to Morgan L. Hulme and Frances Kenney. In the 1930 (April 15) US Federal Census, he is listed as a soldier living at Schofield Barracks Military Reservations on Oahu Island, Hawaii. His father is listed as being born in New Jersey and his mother in Nebraska. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on November 24, 1930 in Honolulu on charges of sodomy and false enlistment. He was transferred to Alcatraz from USADB Pacific Branch on June 19, 1934 with a scheduled parole date of June 24, 1935. His minimum sentence date for release was July 28, 1940 (having lost 30 days good behavior while in Honolulu) and his maximum date was November 23, 1945. In December of 1935 the 30 days he had previously lost of good behavior were restored and on March 17, 1936 he was transferred to USP McNeil Island in Washington. He died March 21, 1970 in Attica Prison, New York.

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