Harry W King

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Dunkirk, New York) - March 17, 1890


Serious Charges Against Prefect Harry W. King.

PHILADELPHIA, March 16 - Harry W. King, prefect of the Pennsylvania institution for the instruction of the blind, was arrested today, charged with sodomy, on a warrant sworn out by Thomas W. Barlow, a member of the State Board of Charities. The arrest is the outcome of an investigation begun Tuesday last by the Board of Managers of the institution of charges made against the management by one of the instructors. The investigation created intense interest.

King was taken from bed at the home of his father at Rudtledge, Delaware county, and brought to the central station here, where he was given a hearing. John W. Ganes, aged 17, a blind pupil, told the story of a series of crimes extending over a period of three years or more, which had been committed not only with himself, but with other boys in the school. Ganes was the only witness produced and at the conclusion of his testimony, King, after declining to cross-question, was locked up in default of $2,000 bail.

King denies emphatically the terrible charges, and expresses the belief that it is the result of a conspiracy. He denounces the charges of misappropriation of funds, cruel treatment of the inmates and supplying them with insufficient and poor food, as being absolutely false. During the interview the prisoner broke down and wept bitterly. He, however, hopes to be able to clear himself. He will probably be indicted by the grand jury to-day, and his trial will take place in a day or two. King has been connected with the institution for nine years. Charges of mismanagement in the girls' department are yet to be investigated.

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