Chronology of LGBT historic events:

  • 1934 - June 19th - USADB Pacific Branch prisoners Joseph Harrison, Clyde Hicks, Charles E. Johnson, Leo Prokopf, William G. Payne, Alan Hood, Angelo Paris, Ernie R. Walters, Frederick Hulme and Frank Lucas Bolt are transferred to the newly reorganized Alcatraz Island. All were serving sentences for sodomy.
  • 1993 - Sept 6 - Dinh Van Ho is strangled to death in Honolulu.
  • 1996 - Aug 15 - Thomas Hall is beaten to death in Wahiawa.
  • 1996 - Dec 3 - Judge Chang rules that the state failed to show compelling state interest necessary to uphold unconstitutional provisions banning same sex marriage in the case of Baehr vs. Lewin.
  • 2000 - Feb 3 - Jill Seidel is killed in Honolulu.
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