Chronology of LGBT historical events:

  • 1864 - The Idaho Territorial Legislature enacts a criminal code that makes sodomy a crime with the common-law definition and a penalty of five years to life. A provision includes lesbianism under this law.
  • 1955 - On Nov 2 the Idaho Daily Standard prints an article headed "Three Boise Men Admit Sex Charges". In 1973 the truth behind this incident surfaces with a long statement by one of the men charged while he was still in prison. The charges had been gathered by a group of elite citizens to bring down a portion of the city council, targeting the son of one of its members and shadowing the council in a shade of scandal.
  • 2002 - Aug 6 - Bonneville County Magistrate Mark Riddoch decided to grant full custody of two school-age children to their mother Shawn McGriff and allowed their father, Theron McGriff, visitation "providing the father is not residing in the same house with his male partner". On August 7th McGriff appealed the decision to the Supreme Court. This is the first time the state rules on the rights of gay parents.
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