Italian Homosexual Ring 1969

The Fresno Bee (Fresno, California) - June 18, 1969

Police Break Up Homosexual Ring In Italy, Seize 18

REGGIO EMILIA, Italy (AP) - Police reported they broke up a large homosexual ring in this north Italian town. Twenty-seven persons, 18 arrested, were charged with corruption of minors, obscene acts and instigation to male prostitution. The ring, police said, involved 500 persons who recruited minors throughout the province for orgies held in a hotel room, a suburban villa and in an apartment. One of the arrested shot himself in the chest with a rifle as police went to arrest him. As police trucks carrying the arrested persons arrived at central police headquarters, a crowd of persons tried to grab hold of the men, Shouts of "shame, criminals," arose from the crowd, made up mostly of relatives of minors involved.

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