J Crane

Nothing is known of "J. Crane" at this time, other than that he was charged with sodomy in Folsom, California in the Spring of 1864.

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - April 14, 1864

FROM FOLSOM - Constable Riley brought from Folsom to the county jail, a day or two ago, a white man, named J. Crane, charged with sodomy, and a Chinaman, named Ah Kim, charged with burglary. The last named prisoner entered the store of W. Ward, and stole therefrom a quantity of clothing and a revolver. the clothing was found, soon afterward, secreted in an unoccupied hog pen. Riley and others watched the place over night, and toward morning Ah Kim made his appearance, to take away his plunder. When he found himself detected he tried to draw a pistol, but was prevented from doing so. It was found to be the pistol which was stolen from Ward's store. Both the above named prisoners were held to answer by Judge Quigley."

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