Jack Hewit

Jack "Jacky" Hewit was born May 17, 1917 in England and died December 30, 1997. He had been an English dancer and, later, a civil servant and intelligence agent for England. Over the course of his life Hewit had been lovers with Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess and Christopher Isherwood. Guy lived with guy most often, at different periods in his life. According to Isherwood's diaries, Guy introduced Jack to Christopher toward the end of 1938. They went to Brussels with W. H. Auden for Christmas and Hewit is one of the subjects of Auden's poem "Ode to the New Year" (1939).

When Christopher left for America with Auden in January 1939, Jack rode with him in the cab to see him off and gave Christopher a champagne cork from the New Year's party in Brussels at which Auden had read his poem. Christopher later buried the cork in the park yard of his home in Los Angeles.

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