John Wayne Williams


Newspaper Articles:

Stars and Stripes Newspaper (Pacific Editions) - March 28, 1951

Four Homosexuals Fired From State Dep't Office

WASHINGTON (INS) - The State department announced Tuesday night that it has fired four homosexuals from its Hongkong office, including one who has allegedly accepted bribes of $10,000 for giving visas to Chinese immigrants

The official whom the department said has confessed accepting bribes was identified in the official announcement as John Wayne Williams, 25, of Carrboro, N.C. Williams was admitted to the foreign service as a vice consul in the spring of 1948 and immediately sent to the Hongkong legation.

The names of the other three were withhold by the department but it was emphasized that no evidence has been found to involve them in the bribery operation. The department's statement said: "In the course of investigation, it developed that there were homosexual aspects to this case. In addition to Williams three other homosexual cases were uncovered in Hongkong. None of these three persons were found to be involved in the visa irregularities. After the department secured their confessions, they were discharged."

Williams was separated from the foreign service Dec. 1, 1950. State department officials said they did not know Williams' immediate whereabouts but assumed that the Justice department was keeping track of him.

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