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Lima News (Lima, Ohio) - May 24, 1953

President 'Solid' On Boogie Beat

WASHINGTON (AP) - Some hot licks on a boogie woogie piano wrung a solo "hey!" from President Eisenhower last night. He came in on cue and with a solid beat, much to the delight of the White house News Photographers Association, at whose annual dinner he was a guest of honor.

The pianist, a professional who performs under the single name of Liberace, was whipping through at eight to the bar, with an occasional "hey!" chorale accompaniment. Why not try it solo, Liberace suggested. It would be a good chance, he said, for the President to demonstrate that, as reported, he was a boogie woogie fan. On the next round, at the proper time, Eisenhower let out a "hey!" that rang the rafters and evoked whoops and applause.

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) - February 21, 1954

10,000 Frenzied Women Struggle To See Pianist

MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 20 (AP) - Several women fainted, many were bruised and a small child suffered minor injuries today when an estimated 10,000 women struggled to get a glimpse of pianist Liberace who was attending opening ceremonies of a new branch bank. The unidentified child was pushed against the glass doors of the building.

Traffic was tied up for blocks. City and county police had to use all their strength to protect themselves and the weaker members of the crowd. A veteran police sergeant, asked to estimate how many people were there, snapped: "Damned few. But there are about 10,000 wild animals there." The pianist and his brother, George Liberace, both of Hollywood, Calif., greeted the women from behind a bank counter.

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) - August 19, 1954

Liberace's young nephew had to be rescued from that piano-shaped pool

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) - October 8, 1954

Liberace Denies Engagement Rumors

HOLLYWOOD (UNS) - Pianist Liberace says that "there isn't a word of truth to the report that I am engaged" to marry dancer Joanne Rio. The report, which popped up Wednesday, has been denied by Liberace. Miss Rio is a pretty brunette. She is the daughter of Eddie Rio, west coast head of the American Guild of Variety Artists.

Star-News (Pasadena, California) - June 17, 1959

Liberace Wins in Libel Suit

LONDON (AP) - A high court jury awarded American entertainer Liberace 8,000 pounds ($22,400) damages today in a libel suit against the London Daily Mirror. The jurors - 10 men and 2 women - decided after 3 1/2 hours of deliberation that a story in 1956 by Mirror columnist William N. Connor implied that the pianist was a homosexual.

The implication was untrue, the jury held, and the phraseology used by Connor in the column was not fair comment, as claimed by the Mirror. Liberace insisted the column said plainly that he was something less than a man. He swore on the witness stand that he was not a homosexual.

Ship Manifests

S. S. Queen Elizabeth from New York to Southampton - June 1, 1959 (arrived)

Name: W. V. Liberace, single, pianist
Born: May 16, 1910
Address: Savoy Hotel, London

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