M Rinerez


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Los Angeles Herald (Los Angeles, California) - May 3, 1910

Felon Recognized When He Exposes Tattoo on Bared Flesh

M. Rinerez, a convict who escaped from the Yuma penitentiary one year ago in a spectacular jail break, and for whom the police have been searching, was captured yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Joe Sepulveda near Los Angeles. Sepulveda, who has a remarkable memory, recognized his man from an Indian ink design stamped indelibly on the Mexican's left forearm. The escaped convict was washing his face and hands in a tub of water at a roadside inn with his sleeves rolled to the elbow when the deputy sheriff rode by and caught sight of the identification mark. He covered the man with a gun and placed him under arrest.

At the county jail, where he awaits the coming of the Yuma officers, Rinerez had little to say. He admits having escaped from the prison. Records show he was serving a long sentence for a crime against nature. The Mexican has only one eye, but it was the design on his arm, Sepulveda says, which enabled him to identify him as the man wanted.

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