Ryszard Ordynski

Ryszard Ordynski was a Polish theater producer in the United States. According to historian William J. Mann, in his book "Behind the Screen", he had a long term relationship with George James Hopkins.


Newspaper Articles:

New York Times (New York, New York) - Jan 1915

Reinhardt's Lieutenant to Stage Plays in This Country
Special Cable to the New York Times

BERLNI, Jan 11, (via London) - Richard Odynski, Max Reinhardt's young lieutenant in the management of the Deutchess Theatre in Berlin, will arrive in New York this week on board the liner Rotterdam. He intends to spend an indefinite period in the United States, introducing the methods of production which have bad Reinhardt famous.

Ordynski, who is a Pole, put on "Sumurun" and "The Miracle" for Reinhardt in London, Paris, and Vienna, and took the "Sumurun" company to America in 1912. He said in an interview: "My purpose in settling down in America for a while is to play a part in the development of the coming American drama. A young, fresh country like the United States ought to create its own particular drama." Herr Reinhardt looks upon Odynski as extremely talented, and is quite willing that the Deutsches Theatre standard shall be judged by his work.

Census Records:

Boarding house at 21 W. 9th St., New York City, New York - January 22, 1920

Surname Given Name Relation Status Age Immigration Naturalization Born Occupation Industry
Slings Herbert Head married 27 . . Illinois Publisher Magazine
Slings Hellen wife married 22 . . Washington DC None .
McCrea Marie Head married 27 1907 . Canada Actress Theatrical
Jennings Estella Head divorced 57 . . Maryland None .
Mellin? Ellis Head married 50? . . Virginia Housekeeper Boarding House
Mellin? Archie R. lodger married 63 . . Virginia None .
Mellin? Jeanie? E. lodger divorced 26? . . Virginia Secretary Red Cross
Ordynski Richard Head married 40 1912 1915 Poland Director Theatrical
Arthur Helen Head single 40 . . Wisconsin Manager Theatrical
Moran Agnes Head single 40 . . New York Producer Theatrical
Winslow Estelle B. lodger widow 61 . . Illinois Practitioner Christian Science

WWI Draft Registration Card

New York City - September 5, 1918

Name: Richard Ordynski
Address: 77 East 56 St., N Y City
Age: 39, born October 5, 1878
Note: Pole from Austria-Hungary
Occupation: Stage Director - Metropolitan Opera House
Address: 1423 Broadway, N Y City
Relative: Camilla Ordynski - Berlin, Germany
Description: med height, med build, blue eyes, brown hair

Ship Manifests:

S. S. Rotterdam from Naples to New York - January 8-20, 1915

Ordynski, Richard - age 36, married, Professor
Nationality: Hungary
Last Residence: Warsaw, Russia
father: Ignace Ordynski
Destination: Boston, Mass
Friend: Edward Felene, Boston, Mass
Description: 5'6, fair, blond hair, blue eyes
Born: Makoco, Russia

S. S. Baltic from Liverpool to New York - June 26-July 6, 1919

(Richard canceled this sailing, and went aboard Mauritania instead - two days later).

S. S. Mauretania from Southampton to New York - June 28-July 5, 1919

Richard Ordynski - age 40, single, Stage Director
Born: Poland
Last Residence: New York
Address in England: Mr. Gilbert Miller, 36 South Street, London
Final Destination: New York, NY
Previously in US: 4.5 years, New York
Address: 19 West 9th St., New York City
Description: 5'7", fair, blond hair, blue eyes
Birthplace: Nakow, Poland

S. S. Imperator from Southampton to New York - August 4-September 6, 1920

Ordynski, Richard - age 42, divorced, Diplomatic, Polish
Mother: Mrs. E. Ordynski - Trebacka, 4 Warsaw, Poland
Last in US: 1915 to April 3, 1920 NYC
Friend: Mr. C. B. Hoyt 22 E 47th St., NYC
Description: 5'8", fair, fair hair, blue eyes
Birthplace: Makow, Poland

S. S. Aquitania from Cherbourg to New York - September 4-10, 1926

Ordynski, Richard - age 47, divorced, writer, polish
Born: Makow, Poland
Brother: Boleslaw Ordynski, Warsaw, Jasna 17
Address: 24 E. 10th St., NYC
Description: 5'7", fair, blue eyes

S. S. Ile de France from LeHavre to New York City - January 2-11, 1929

Richard Orynski - age 50, married, movies worker
Born: Makon, Poland
Brother: Mr. Boleslas Ordynsky, Rue Jasna 17, Varsovie, Poland

S. S. Olympic from Cherbourg to New York - March 9-15, 1932

Odrynski, Richard - age 53, divorced, artist, Polish
birthplace: Makow, Poland
Visa: Diplomatic - Feb 25th 1932
Last Perm Residence: Warsaw, Poland
Brother: Boleslaw Ordynski, Zasna 17, Warsaw, Poland
Last Departure from US: April 1929, New York
Address in US: 145 E 74th St, New York
Description: 5'10" fair, blue eyes, no marks

S. S. Europa from Cherbourg to New York - March 16-22, 1933

Ordynski, Richard - age 54, single, Man of Letters, Polish
Birthplace: Makow, Poland
Visa: Dipl 1105, issued March 10, 1933 Warsaw
Brother: Mr. B. Ordynski, Jasna 17 Warsaw, Poland
Friend: Mr. P. Kochanski, 145 E. 74th St., New York, NY
Duration of stay: 4 weeks
Description: 5'7" fair, blond hair, blue eyes.

S. S. Batory from Gydnia to New York - September 23, 1936 (departed)

Ryszard Ordynski - age 58, married, director, Polish
Place of birth: Makow, Poland
Visa issued: September 18, 1936 in Warsaw
Address: Warszawa, Filtrowa 7

S. S. Aquitania from Cherbourg to New York - May 24-30, 1939

Ordynski, Richard - age 60, married, Executive
Birthplace: Makow, Poland
Visa: issued April 25, 1939 Warsaw - diplomat

S. S. Washington from LeVerdon to New York - June 8-21, 1940

Ordynski, Richard - age 61, divorced, writer, Polish
Birthplace: Makow, Poland
Visa: issued May 22, 1940 in Paris
Last residence: Paris, France
Friend: A. G. Hays - 120 Broadway, NYC
Duration of Stay: 3 months
Description: 5'6", fair, blond hair, brown eyes.

S. S. Ile de France from Cherbourg to New York - October 22-29, 1946

Ordynski, Richard - age 68, married, no occupation
Birthplace: Makow, Poland
Visa: issued May 29, 1946 in Philadelphia
Last residence: New York, USA
Wife: Mrs. Ordynski, 11, rue de Liege a Paris, France
Wife: Mrs. Anna -258 West 71st st, New York
Description: 5'5", fair, brown, brown

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