San Quentin


Newspaper Articles

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - February 25, 1856

STATE CONVICTIONS - John Gardner, sodomy, ten years

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - August 10, 1858

Raphael Gallianti, convicted at the August term of the Court of Sessions, in Monterey, of sodomy, and sentenced to five years in the State Prison, has been pardoned by the Governor and restored to his former rights, it having been ascertained that he was the victim of popular excitement and prejudice."

Note: He was mentioned again in the Daily Union on January 7, 1859 in a list of defendants who had been "restored to citizenship" by the Governor.

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - September 22, 1858

F. Burnham has been committed to answer for sodomy.

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - February 20, 1873

DISCHARGES FROM SAN QUENTIN - We have received from the Captain of the Yard, Matthews, the following list of prisoners who will be discharged from San Quentin in March - March 6 - Frederick Egan, sentenced to three years and nine months for sodomy, from San Francisco county.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - September 14, 1884

There was an unusually heavy docket in Judge Ferral's Court yesterday, when the following criminals were called up for sentence: Lucilius Miller, sodomy, was retired to the privacy of San Quentin for twelve years.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - December 7, 1884

Charles Elliott, the City Prison trusty, convicted of sodomy, was sentenced by Superior Judge Ferral yesterday morning to four years in San Quentin.

Sacramento Daily Record (Sacramento, California) - December 21, 1888

Governor Waterman Pardons Four and Commutes Two.

Lucillus Miller, convicted of sodomy in San Francisco in September, 1884, and sentenced to twelve years, commuted to five and one-half years. The commutation was asked for account of his youth, the respectability of his parents, and because this was his first criminal act.

Census Records

1860 Federal Census - San Quentin State Prison, Corte Madera, San Rafael post, Marin, California - July 23, 1860

Name Age Race Occupation State Born Crime
John Gardner 43 white laborer Iowa crime against nature
Francis Burnham 33 white sailor Massachusetts crime against nature
John Keene 34 white laborer Ireland crime against nature
Jose Sylvas 44 Indian laborer Mexico crime against nature
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