Schmidt And Stanton

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) - December 16, 1907

Hubert Schmidt and Thomas Stanton Found Dead - Circumstances Indicate Double Suicide

Milwaukee, Wis. Dec. 16 - Hubert M. Schmidt, aged twenty years, said to be a janitor at Marquette university, and Thomas M. Stanton, aged twenty-five years, of Chicago, were found dead in a room on the second floor of the Plankinton house late last night. Schmit's throat was cut from ear to ear, and Stanton had a bullet hole in his right temple. The circumstances indicated that the case was a double suicide. When the bodies were found, Schmit was lying on the bed, and Stanton was sitting in a chair. Both were stark naked. They had come to the hotel early Sunday morning and registered from Chicago. Letters found in the pockets, however, indicated that Stanton alone was a Chicagoan, the letters being addressed to him at 1685 Grenshaw street, that city.

The discovery of the bodies was made by William O'Neil, a porter at the hotel. The men retired to their room immediately after coming to the hotel and had not left it. Late last night the night clerk, Gordon Long, became alarmed and sent O'Neil to investigate. When he reached the room on the second floor he found the door locked on the inside. It was forced and O'Neil stepped into the room. In an instant he leaped back, for on the bed was Schmit, his throat cut so deeply that the head was almost severed from the body. He lay in a pile of blood-soaked clothing, his feet almost hanging over the edge of the bed, while his head lay near the wail. Two razors lay on the bed beside him. In the chair, about four feet away, at the foot of the bed was the body of Stanton, the head dropping upon the shoulder. There was a bullet hole in his right temple and on the chair beside lay a thirty-two calliber Smith & Weston revolver with the five chambers full, one of the cartridges having been discharged. A slight cut was seen on the left side of the neck, evidently made with the second razor which was lying on the bed. No adequate cause has been discovered for the tragedy.

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