Sex Variants

The book "Sex Variants" by George W. Henry, M.D. was published in a one volume edition in 1950, a copy of which I have in my personal library. The study was sponsored by the "Committee for the Study of Sex Variants, Inc." The Foreward also notes that "the general plan of approach embodied in this project was first laid before the members of the Committee by Miss Jan Gay, who offered to bring a group of sex variants, as voluntary subjects for study, into contact with the research group." Some further online notes state that Jan Gay was lesbian herself and had conducted 300+ interviews of Lesbians, prior to the more official study, after learning about the work of Magnus Hirschfeld in Germany. The 1950 edition gives the names of the members of this committee as follows:

Executive Committee:

  • Eugen Kahn, MD - Chairman, Yale University
  • Robert W. Laidlaw, MD - Secretary, Columbia University
  • Carney Landis, PhD - Treasurer, Columbia University
  • Robert L Dickinson, MD - National Committee on Maternal Health
  • George W. Henry, MD - Cornell University
  • Josephine H Kenyon, MD - Columbia University

Committee Members:

  • Karl M. Bowman, MD - Director, Psychiatric Division, Bellevue Hospital, New York City
  • Maurice R. Davie, PhD - Yale University
  • Earle T. Engle, PhD - Columbia University
  • K. S. Lashley, PhD - Harvard University
  • Austin H. MacCormick - Former Commissioner, Department of Correction, New York City
  • Adolph Meyer, MD - John Hopkins University
  • Catherine Cox Miles, PhD - Yale University
  • Harold D. Palmer, MD - University of Pennsylvania
  • Edward A. Strecker, MD - University of Pennsylvania
  • Lewis M. Terman, PhD - Stanford University
  • Dorothy S. Thomas, PhD - University of California

The edition notes that "The Committee for the Study of Sex Variants was founded in the spring of 1935. At its first meeting held in March, 1935, the Committee formulated and adopted the following policy in regard to its interests and activities:

1. To correlate the various scientific interests in the field of sex study.
2. To serve as a scientific agency for the furtherance of research on sex variation.
3. To appoint advisory sub-committees for projects sponsored or to be sponsored by the Committee.

Several case studies were made by Dr. George Henry. All of the subjects were introduced to the committee by a "Miss Jan Gay" who was personally acquainted with the subjects. Also, physical examinations and measurements were given to the men by Dr. Roger and to the women by Dr. Moench. The case studies are an incredible look into the lives of gay men and women in the late 1930's. As the initial interviews were first published in 1941, they all occurred sometime within the five years period between 1936 and 1941, most likely around 1937/38.

Here are the case studies (they were be transcribed here periodically with additional information if any is found):


Homosexual Cases

  • Thomas B.
  • Nathan T.
  • Rodney S.
  • Michael D.
  • Eric D.
  • Malcolm E.
  • Salvatore N.
  • Louis E.
  • Robert T.
  • Paul A.
  • Theodore S.
  • Gene S.
  • James D.
  • Noel W.
  • Walter R.
  • Archibald T.
  • Dennis C.
  • Gabriel T.
  • Irving T.
  • Jose R.
  • Leo S.
  • Will G.


Bisexual Cases

  • Pearl M.
  • Mae C.
  • Charlotte N.
  • Angelina T.
  • Caroline E.
  • Aimee G.
  • Sara B.
  • Molly N.
  • Roberta H.
  • Fannie E.
  • Pamela D.
  • Blanche T.
  • Frieda S.
  • Julia I.
  • Marian J.
  • Rowena K.
  • Mildred B.

Homosexual Cases

  • Irene K.
  • Virginia K.
  • Myrtle K.
  • Ellen T.
  • Eloise B.
  • Ursula W.
  • Sadie S.
  • Kathleen M.
  • Nora M.
  • Alberta I.
  • Patricia D.
  • Marvel W.
  • Birdie K.
  • Susan N.

Narcissistic Cases

  • Rose S.
  • Regina C.
  • Betty E.
  • Rebecca R.
  • Olga R.
  • Martha D.
  • Yetta T.
  • Maria S.
  • Gladys H.
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