Various Criminal Cases

Below you will find a list of various sodomy trials and other criminals cases found in newspaper archives which may refer to gay men. Please keep in mind that the terms "sodomy" and "crime against nature" have had different meanings at different times and locations. Although the terms were sometimes used to refer to bestiality and pedophilia (neither of which I conduct research on), they were also often used to prosecute gay men. The terms were also sometimes interchangeable within the same case while the additional term of a "nameless crime" or some variant might also be seen in newspaper accounts. Here I am making a list of all the cases I find so that I can eventually do further research on each and determine in what way the term "sodomy" was used in legal cases.

When I find that an individual is not worthy of further research, meaning their case was not in regard to two consulting adults (at least 14 years of age depending on the situation) - I will strike a line through their name and add the reason for the removal under notes. I'm not removing them entirely for reference purposes. If I come across them again in the future and can see that there is no reason to look further.

This list of cases are undetermined, meaning I have not yet discovered the exact nature of the sexual act involved. We should not assume that all of the men listed here were homosexual.

Key to Newspaper:
AL = Amador Ledger
DAC = Daily Alta California
DR = Daily Review (Hayward, CA)
EPW = Evening Post (Washington, DC)
IPV = Imperial Valley Press
LAH = Los Angeles Herald
NR = National Republican
SDR = Sacramento Daily Record
SDU = Sacramento Daily Union
SFC = San Francisco Call
WT = Washington Times


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
M. Rinerez Yuma May 1910 LAH May 3, 1910 escaped


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Raphael Gallenti Monterey Aug 1853 SDU Aug 10,1858 The earliest known prisoner for "sodomy" in California
John Gardner Sacramento Feb-1856 SDU Feb 26,1856 "STATE CONVICTIONS - John Gardner, sodomy, ten years"
Francis Burnham Sacramento Sep 1858 SDU Sep 22,1858 sodomy, 8 years at San Quentin
John Keene San Francisco Mar 1859 SDU Mar 17,1859 "unnameable crime", 5 years at San Quentin
Henry Williams San Francisco Sep 1862 DAC Sep 17,1862 Charged but released
Julius Amadie Carl San Francisco Apr 1863 DAC Apr 22,1863 "sodomy", listed among cases to be continued in the court.
J. Crane Folsom Apr 1864 SDU Apr 14,1864 charged with sodomy, outcome unknown
Ah Chin Sacramento Apr 1864 SDU Apr 13,1864 charged with sodomy, outcome unknown
Richard Cornell San Francisco Jul 1867 DAC Aug 17,1867 counter charge of sodomy, dismissed
Lewis Miller San Francisco May 1868 DAC May 24, 1868 arraigned and discharged from custody
Frederick Egan San Francisco May 1869 SDU Feb 20,1873 3 years and 9 months at San Quentin
Honore George San Francisco Aug 1869 DAC Aug 8, 1869 "crime against nature"
Alexander White San Francisco Oct 1871 DAC Oct 23, 1871 taken into custody
John Dally San Francisco 1872 DAC Sep 13, 1873 five years, later pardoned
William Wright San Francisco Sep 1872 DAC Sep 13, 1872 taken into custody, outcome unknown
C. S. Stylaus San Francisco Jul 1873 DAC Aug 1, 1873 accused
Giovani Martin Sacramento Nov 1875 SDU Nov 17, 1875 accused
Ah Joe Sacramento Jun 1876 SDU Aug 25, 1876 3 years
Ah Lee Sacramento Jun 1876 SDU Aug 25, 1876 charged, outcome unknown
George W. Bruff Sacramento May 1879 DAC May 9,1879 charged with sodomy, outcome unknown
Manuel Olivas Bakersfield Oct 1881 SDU Oct 12, 1881 "crime against nature", pedophile
Artemus Miller San Francisco Aug 1884 DAC Sep 6, 1884 found guilty, outcome unknown
Vangela Apostola San Francisco Oct 1884 DAC Oct 8, 1884 "Vangela Apostola was acquitted of sodomy"
Charles Elliott San Francisco Dec 1884 DAC Dec 7, 1884 4 years at San Quentin
Lucillus Miller San Francisco Sep 1884 SDR Dec 21,1888
George Abbott Sacramento Aug 1885 SDR Aug 12, 1885 1 year at Folsom
George Polites San Francisco 1886 SFC Apr 29, 1892 20 years
John McCrink San Francisco Mar 1886 DAC Mar 10, 1886 "In Department No. 1, John McCrink was convicted of sodomy."
"a Chinaman" La Mesa Apr 17, 1886 LAH Apr 20, 1886 "warrant was issued out of Justice Austin's court"
W. L. Morely Oakland Apr 1887 DAC Apr 5, 1887 charged
James P. Barry Sacramento Jul 1887 SDC Jul 16, 1887 accused and released
Louis Stein Los Angeles Jul 1887 LAH Dec 17, 1887 found guilty, sentence unknown
George Stedman Los Angeles Nov 1887 LAH Nov 23, 1887 "crime against nature", found not guilty
Frank Ramos San Francisco Dec 1887 DAC Dec 30, 1887 "crime against nature", no further info
Daniel McCabe Solano 1888 SDU Apr 27, 1892 14 years
John Baker San Francisco 1888 LAH Sep 24, 1892 20 years, commuted to 8 years
William Hubbard San Bernardino Co. Jun 1888 SDR Jun 7, 1888 Folsom Prison
Joseph Franklin Sacramento Jun 1888 SDR Jun 11, 1888 "held on charge of sodomy"
Richard Hurley California Nov 1888 SDU Nov 26, 1888 2 years
Pat O'Neil Los Angeles Mar 1889 LAH Mar 15, 1889 guilty
William Griffith Santa Monica Oct 1889 LAH Oct 1, 1889 hung jury
Peter Jones San Francisco 1891 SFC Apr 29, 1892 7 years
J. Miller San Francisco Feb 1892 SFC Feb 18, 1892 "charged with sodomy"
Thomas Jones San Francisco Mar 1892 SFC Mar 13, 1892 8 years at San Quentin
G. W. McKay Los Angeles Nov 1892 LAH Nov 16, 1892 "crime against nature committed on his wife"
Isaac Gregg Los Angeles Sep 1894 LAH Sep 20, 1894 arrested
G. G. Cashin Los Angeles Nov 1894 LAH Nov 14, 1894 arrested, outcome unknown
Thomas Harris Oakland May 1895 SCR May 23, 1895 sodomy, later escaped
James Fay Pomona Jun 1895 LAH Jun 22, 1895 found guilty
Robert Johnson Pomona Jun 1895 LAH Jun 22, 1895 charged
Dick Rios San Diego Jun 1897 LAH Jun 10, 1897 "crime again nature", pedophile
William Burke San Bernardino Mar 1898 LAH Mar 7, 1898 25 years at San Quentin
Harry Fisher San Bernardino Mar 1898 LAH Mar 7, 1898 25 years at Folsom
Pedro Aragon Amador Co. Aug 1901 AL Sep 6, 1901 sodomy, outcome unknown
John McEver Imperial 1908 LAH Aug 12, 1910 10 years, commuted after 2
Herbert V. Ready San Francisco Jan 1908 SFC Jan 15, 1908 charged
John McEvoy El Centro May 1908 IVP May 23, 1908 charged
Angelo Iacono Amador May 1908 AL May 29, 1908 "crime against nature", pedophile
Elmer J. Kreuger Modesto Feb 1957 DR Feb 8, 1957 lewd & lascivious conduct

District of Columbia

Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Edward Smith Washington DC Apr 1884 NR Apr 3,1884 attempt sodomy, sent to reform school
Archie Hill Washington DC Apr 1884 NR Apr 3,1884 sodomy, sentenced 11 months
Edward-Carroll Washington DC Apr 1884 NR Apr 21, 1884 sodomy
William Smith Washington, DC Dec 1888 EPW Dec 6, 1888 Criminal Court - Justice Montgomery
Asa A. Hugill Washington, DC Oct 1903 WT Oct 10, 1903 sentence NJ State Prison, 4 years


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Capt. George Tabor New Bedford Oct 1870 SDU Accused in Mauritius


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Warren Hathaway Oregon Apr 1875 SDU May 1,1875 slander case


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Harry W. King Philadelphia Mar 1890 LAH Director of asylum for the blind


Name Place Date Paper Pub. Date Notes
Edward McGuire Washington bef 1901 SFC Feb 18, 1901 Imprisoned for sodomy, later escaped
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