Two Men In Hamilton

The Daily Herald (Chicago, IL) - September 27, 1907

Two Ohio Young Men Found Dead By Gas
Bodies Discovered in Hotel Room in Hamilton Locked in Embrace

A mysterious double suicide of two young men, apparently 23 and 28 years of age, was discovered in a room at the St. Charles hotel in Hamilton, Ohio. They ended their lives by inhaling gas and were found locked in each other's arms. It has been learned that the two suicides and a third man got off a Cincinnati Northern traction car Sunday night and went to the St. Charles hotel, where they registered as John Leonell, Ben Marsee and Tom McLaughlin, giving no address. After an investigation the coroner decided that the suicides were probably John Leonell and Tom McLaughlin. A strange feature of the case is that the third man, supposed to be Ben Marsee, left the hotel in the morning without any breakfast and has not been seen since.

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