William Collins

William and his brother Boyd Collins are included here because they were convicted together for "incest" in March 1912. According to the records of the Washington State Reformatory - the brother were both born in West Virginia and had been farmers in Forks, Clallam, Washington when they were arrested. They were both convicted on the same day - so the big question is - were they committing incest together or with a third member of the family? And if it was a third member, was that member male or female? They were both paroled on May 2, 1913 and their parole ended on August 1, 1914.

Criminal Records

Washington State Reformatory - March 9, 1912

Inmate #797
William Collins
AKA: William Collings, T. N.
Residence: Forks
Nativity: West Virginia
County: Clallam
Crime: Incest
Term of sentence: 1 to 10 years
Age: 18 years
Height: 5 feet, 6.5 inches
Sentenced: March 9, 1912
Received: March 14, 1912
Occupation: farmer
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Marks: vaccination scar on left arm, left index finger deformed, cut scar 1.5 inches long on base of thumb, red scar below left knee.
Paroled: May 2, 1913
Final: August 1, 1914

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